Modified Tuck Everlasting Test
This version of the test was completed primarily by special education students but also by some regular education students.

Reading                                                                                   Name __________________

Tuck Everlasting Test                                                            


Directions:  Write the word in the blank that best completes each sentence.


1. The music that Winnie, her grandmother, and the man in the yellow suit hear coming from the wood is actually coming from Mae Tuck's ____________________.


2. Winnie sees _________________ Tuck drink from the spring in the wood.


3. Angus Tuck takes Winnie out on the pond to explain to her about the "wheel of ______________."


4. The Treegap constable arrests Mae Tuck after seeing her hit the man in the yellow suit in the head with a _____________________.


5. When the man in the yellow suit dies, Mae is going to be hung on the _________________.


6. After Mae escapes from the jail, the Tucks do not return to Treegap until the year _______________, when they discover that Winnie has died and the spring has been destroyed.


Directions:  On the line, tell which character said each quote.


__________________1.  "If I knowed how to climb back on the wheel, I'd do it in a minute.  You can't have living without dying.  So you can't call it living what we got.  We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road."


__________________ 2.  "We been alone so long.  I guess we don't know how to do with visitors. But still and all, it's a good feeling, you being here with us.  I wish you was ... ours."


__________________ 3.  "Why, heck, Winnie, life's to enjoy yourself, isn't it?  What else is it good for?  That's what I say.  And you and me, we could have a good time that never, never stopped.  Wouldn't that be something?"


__________________ 4.  "Dreadful thing, kidnapping.  Isn't it fortunate that I was a witness!  Why, without me, you might never have heard a word.  They're rough country people, the ones who took her.  There's just no telling what illiterates like that might do."


__________________ 5.  "Yep, she got him a good one, all right.  He never even come to.  So it's an open-and-shut case, since I seen her do it.  Eyewitness.  No question about it.  They'll hang her for sure."


__________________ 6.  "See?  That's just what I mean.  It's like that every minute.  If I had a sister or a brother, there'd be someone else for them to watch.  But, as it is, there's only me.  I'm tired of being looked at all the time.  I want to be by myself for a change."


__________________ 7.  "The way I see it, it's no good hiding yourself away, like Pa and lots of other people.  And it's no good just thinking of your own pleasure, either.  People got to do something useful if they're going to take up space in the world."



Directions:  Put the following events from the novel in the order in which they happened by writing the correct number (1-6) on the blank.


_____ The man in the yellow suit dies.


_____  Winnie, her grandmother, and the man in the yellow suit hear strange music coming from the wood.


_____  The gallows blow over in the wind.


_____  Winnie pours the bottle of spring water Jesse had given her over the toad.


_____  Angus tells Winnie about the "wheel of life."


_____  Winnie tells the toad that she wants to run away.


Directions:  Match the correct term with its definition by putting the appropriate letter on the blank.


_____ 1.  motivation                                      A.  a long work of fiction, contains all the elements of a short story, contains main plot and subplots, may have more than one theme.


_____ 2.  foreshadowing                               B.  the central message or idea of a literary work, a general statement about life, something the writer wants to communicate to the reader.


_____ 3.  novel                                               C.  the reasons that explain a character's actions, thoughts, or speech, can be needs or feelings


_____ 4.  theme                                             D.  clues or hints that suggest what is going to happen



Directions:  Circle the letter of the best answer.


1. At the beginning of the novel, what feelings does Winnie express to the toad?

a.       disgust and fear

b.      anger and disappointment

c.       frustration and boredom

d.      sympathy and kindness


2. The description of the stranger as having "dry, gray hair," "long, thin fingers," and a twitching shoulder that "moved in angles" leads to the suspicion that the author wants the reader to think of the stranger as:

a.       unbelievably old

b.      up to no good

c.       possessed of mysterious powers

d.      weak and pitiful


3. Which of the four Tucks seems to have the most carefree attitude about being immortal?

a.       Mae

b.      Miles

c.       Angus

d.      Jesse


4.  The pond represents Tucks view of natural life because it:

a.       contains many kinds of living creatures

b.      continually moves and changes

c.       helps nourish living things

d.      reflects the beauty of the life around it


5.  The author has Winnie disobey her parents by sneaking off to the jail to show that Winnie is:

a.       beginning to develop her own sense of right and wrong

b.      ready for freedom from her family

c.       not able to be trusted

d.      starting to believe in the importance of life


6.  What is the overall theme of Tuck Everlasting?

a.       Life holds many secrets.

b.      Wisdom and understanding of the world come with age.

c.       Life is precious because it does not last forever.

d.      Bad luck can be overcome by good hearts and good spirits.


Reading                                                                                   Name_________________

Tuck Everlasting Test



Directions:  Answer the following question with a sentence or two.


  1. Winnie said in the beginning of the novel that she wanted to "make a difference in the world."  How did she accomplish this?




Directions:  Choose one of the following questions and answer it in a paragraph or two.


1. Explain Angus Tuck's theory of the "wheel of life."  How does his family fit into this theory?  How does Winnie?  Do you think Angus is right in his opinion about life and death?  Why or why not?


2.  How has Winnie changed from the beginning of the novel to the end?  What parts of her character did she lose, what new traits did she gain?  What caused each of these changes?


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