My Five Senses Unit
This multisensory integrated unit was completed over ten days with a pre kindergarten class of 12 students.

My Five Senses Unit Organizer

Oral Language & Listening
  • Show photo cards of sensory organs and lead discussion of each organ’s job.
  • Riddles (e.g. – You use it to smell a flower.  What is it?)
  • Environmental sound identification (Sounds in the Home)
  • Repeat the rhythm (Teacher claps, students repeat; student claps, students repeat)

Music & Movement
  • “My 5 Senses” p.54
  • See songs and rhymes below
  • Musical instruments – describe sounds, guess the instrument, louder, softer
  • Clap, snap, whistle, whisper, and hum.  Students make music with their bodies.  Explore louder and softer with this exercise.
  • Sensory organs “Hokey Pokey” (e.g. – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands)

  • Observe common objects with a magnifying glass.  Describe what you see.
  • What’s that smell? Fill containers with cotton balls saturated with extracts, perfume, coffee, lemon, spices, vinegar, and other strong smells. Graph favorites of students and compare.
  • Taste test.  Students taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter food items.  Graph favorites and compare.
  • List describing words for each of the five senses (e.g. – soft, hard, bright, dark, quiet, loud, sour, and sweet).  Use props, objects for students to experience.
  • Initiate scavenger hunt by singing, “Can you find something soft, something soft, something soft? Can you find something soft somewhere in the room?”  Students search for something in the room that meets the sensory requirement and demonstrates understanding of vocabulary.

 Gross Motor
  • Take a listening walk through the school and/or outdoors.  Teacher asks if students can hear, see, smell or feel certain stimuli (e.g. – a bird singing, a nearby restaurant cooking, a flower, and tree bark).  Students describe what they see, hear, smell, and feel.  Use binoculars made in center to search for items.  Discuss concepts of near and far with this exercise.
  • Walk on bubble wrap.  

  • Finger paint
  • Texture collage on cut-out of a large hand shape
  • Scratch and sniff watercolors.  Mix 1 tbsp drink mix to 1 tbsp water.  Paint and dry.  Students identify different scents as they paint.  Scratch and sniff when dry.
  • Make binoculars out of toilet paper tubes.  Use to play “I Spy” or on a walk around the school, playground, or neighborhood.
  • Boil spaghetti noodles, and 1/4 cup of oil. Allow pasta to cool, then place in large ziploc bag with liquid watercolor or food color. Put pasta in tubs for children to play with or practice using scissors. Give children white construction paper. Have child place some colored spaghetti on the paper, press down gently, and then remove.
  • Make rain sticks from paper towel tubes, aluminum foil, and rice.

Shared Writing
  • Write a sentence for each sensory organ telling what it does. (e.g. – My eyes see.)
  • Write simple sentences about students’ favorite things to taste, see, smell, touch, hear.
  • Write a poem using the following format:
I see ______, ______, ______.
I hear ______, ______, ______.
I smell ______, ______, ______.
I feel ______, ______, ______.
I taste ______, ______, ______.

Independent Writing
  • Each student draws pictures of favorite sensory items then dictates or writes.  Create a class book.
  • Complete individual versions of poem above with only one blank filled in.
  • Five Senses book from

Fine Motor
  • Place a mystery item in a paper bag.  Have students put their hands in the bag and describe what they feel.  Then guess the object.
  • Provide various mixes of dough, shaving cream, flour, etc. for children to explore.  Have them compare and contrast textures.  Hide small items in mixtures and have children find them and pick them out.
  • Feely bags – fill Ziploc bags with various items (syrup, beans, rice, dough, sugar, sand, flour, hair conditioner, etc.)  Add hard items like letter beads, buttons, or shells for students to find and identify.
  • Make sensory trays from egg containers.  Glue different textures to each section.
  • Put play dough or rice in latex gloves and tie them off. You can also try water, sand, or flour.
  • See finger plays below.

 Circle Activities
  • Play “I Spy”.  Focus on one sense at a time.
  • Color Scavenger Hunt – sing “Can you find the color ___?” while children search the room for an object or picture of that color.
  • Hide a music box in the room and have children use their ears to locate it.
  • Culminating activity.  Make hot air popcorn.  Explore and describe kernels before popping.  Identify sound, smell, touch, sight, and taste during and after popping.  Complete shared writing of the activity.

  • Rain by Manya Stojic
  • My Five Senses by Aliki
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle
  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear by Eric Carle
  • The Ear Book by Al Perkins
  • Night Sounds, Morning Colors by Rosemary Wells
  • Touching  Tasting  Seeing  Hearing series by Rebecca Olien
  • My 5 Senses by Margaret Miller
  • Graph students’ favorite tastes, smells (see science).  Then revisit graphs, reviewing title, count items, compare more, less, most, least
  • Sort items by texture
  • Make a texture patterns (e.g. – scratchy, smooth, scratchy, smooth)
  • Recognition and writing of numeral 5

  • Discuss touch safety – items that are hot
  • Poison control – guest speaker
  • Lead in to health and nutrition unit next.

Songs, Rhymes, and Finger plays

To the Tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”
I use my eyes to see, I use my eyes to see, and when I want to see a star, I use my eyes to see.
I use my nose to smell, I use my nose to smell, And when I want to smell a flower, I use my nose to smell.
I use my tongue to taste, I use my tongue to taste, And when I want to taste a peach, I use my tongue to taste.
I use my ears to hear, I use my ears to hear, And when I want to hear a bird, I use my ears to hear.
I use my hands to touch, I use my hands to touch, And when I want to touch a cat, I use my hands to touch.

To the Tune of  “BINGO”

There are five senses we all have, can you guess what they are?
See, hear, taste, touch, smell
See, hear, taste, touch, smell
See, hear, taste, touch, smell
And these are our five senses.

What Can I See?  To the Tune of “If You Are Happy and You Know it”
Oh, with your eyes what do you see?
Oh, with your eyes what do you see?
Oh, tell me now what do you see with your eyes? (Let the children tell you what they see)
Oh, with your eyes what do you see?

Continue with:
Oh, with your fingers what do you feel?
Oh, with your nose what do you smell?
Oh, with your ears what do you hear?
Oh, with your tongue what do you taste?

My Eyes
Here are my eyes,
One and two.  (point to each eye)
I give a wink.
So can you.  (wink)
When they’re open
I can see light  (open eyes wide)
When they’re closed,  (close eyes)
It’s dark like night.  

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