Please also see Literacy and Unit and Lesson Plans for more examples of multisensory and differentiated instruction as well as the side menu item.

Pre Kindergarten Centers

My pre kindergarten classroom is set up in multiple learning centers.  Students have free choice play time as well as small group teacher-directed instruction in these centers throughout the day.

Scavenger Hunt
I developed the scavenger hunt activity when working with students who were disengaged and unmotivated in a remedial academic intervention literacy class.  The acitivity can be modified for any grade level and content area.  Students loved it and always begged for more!  I also have used an egg hunt activity and "Find Someone Who" to get students moving and thinking.
Preamble Activity
This was used with classes of fourth graders in an effort to understand meaning of the Preamble to the United States Constitution.  Students listened to a short read aloud and then completed the art activity using explanations of each phrase.

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