Out of order paragraph
This activity was used with regular and special education struggling readers and writers to practice using clue words and sequencing.

Directions:  The sentences below are from a paragraph that got mixed up.  Use the time order clue words to write the paragraph in the correct order.  Some of the sentences don't belong.

  • Circle all time order clue words first.
  • Number the sentences to show their correct order.  Cross out sentences that don't belong.
  • Rewrite the sentences as a paragraph on a sheet of loose leaf paper in the correct order.  Be sure to indent your first sentence.


At noon he discovered he had forgotten his lunch.

The bell had already rung when he got to school.

His homeroom teacher's name is Mrs. Bridges. 

Then, at recess, he got into a fight.

Everything seemed to go wrong for Rick today.

His sister, Jane, is in first grade.

"I certainly picked a great day for my birthday," he said to himself on the way home.

The teacher had even marked him absent.

In his hurry to get to school, he slipped and fell into a snowbank. 

First of all, he couldn't find his gloves and so he missed the bus. 

Half of the math period was gone, so he didn't finish the assignment.

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