Vocabulary Weekly Activities
A regular routine of activites for each week is helpful when managing several different groups per class.

Vocabulary Weekly Activities

(Completed in small groups)


NJCCCS:  3.1C1 - Use a dictionary, knowledge of phonics, syllabication, prefixes,

       suffixes to decode new words.

       3.1D2 - Apply knowledge of letter-sound associations to recognize words.  


Day one:   Read each word aloud. 

    Identify the spelling pattern in each word by underlining or highlighting. 

    Begin defining words.


Day two:   Finish defining words.

                    Write words onto cards, one word per card.

Homework - Write a sentence or draw an illustration to demonstrate the          meaning of each word.  Label illustrations with the vocabulary word.


Day three: Complete at least three vocabulary sorts using cards.  Then record sorts onto paper.

-          spelling pattern

-          parts of speech

-          number of syllables

-          related meanings

-          student created categories

Differentiation:  More advanced students should list other words that fit the      pattern given for the week.  Students who need extra assistance may start the word sort with categories given and examples in each category.

Share sentences and illustrations with small group.  Were the words used correctly in everyone's sentences?


Day four:  Participate in a puzzle review or word games.

-          crossword

-          word search

-          concentration

-          flash cards

-          student created games

      Homework - Study for the quiz tomorrow.


Day five:  Assess spelling and usage of the word.

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