Card Games
These manipulation games are a large part of the program, providing more engaged practice for students.

Go Fish


1.    Deal five cards to each player.  Put the rest in a pile, facedown.

2.    Start with the person sitting to the right of the dealer and go around in a circle. 

3.    Ask one other player for a word or definition you need.  You want to match words with definitions to get a pair. 

  If they don't have it, they will say, "Go fish."  Then you must take a card from the leftover deck.  Move to the next person. 

  If they do have it, they must give it to you.  Put your pair down on the table by you.  Move to the next person.

4.    The person with the most pairs wins.


Old Maid

1.    Make an Old Maid card from a leftover square of paper.  Make sure it doesn't look different from the rest of the cards.

2.    Deal all the cards to all the players as evenly as possible.

3.    Start with the person to the right of the dealer. 

Take one card from their hand without looking at what it is.  You don't want the Old Maid! 

 If the card you took makes a pair, put your pair down on the table. 

If it doesn't, just hold on to it.  A pair is the word card with its definition card. 

If you get the Old Maid, try to get rid of it by having someone else take it.

4.    After all the pairs have been matched, the one with the Old Maid is the loser!

Concentration or Memory

1.   Lay all the cards face down on the table.

2.   Take turns turning over 2 cards.  You must match a word with its definition.

If the cards don't make a match, turn them back over in the same spot.  Try to remember where they are.  Move to the next person.

If they do match, take both cards and keep them in your pile.  Move to the next person.

3.   When all the cards have been taken, the person with the most matches wins!



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