The Creature From Room M302
This project was used as a culminating literacy assignment after reading a unit of nonfiction articles on strange but true creatures which included cockroaches and giant squids.  The students were seventh and eighth grade regular and special education students who were struggling and reluctant readers and writers in an academic intervention remedial literacy class.  Essential questions were developed as a class, then answered by each student as a form of prewriting.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and even a little outrageous.  Technology was also used in the writing process to aid usage of mechanics and physical task of writing, revising, and publishing.

The Creature From Room M302

Project Assignment Sheet


The mission:  Your job is to create a unique "monster" complete with personality, physical features, and super abilities.


The building blocks:  You will need to explain, display, and use your monster in the following project parts:

1.    A completed essential questions form.

2.    A labeled diagram showing your monster's qualities

3.    A 3D sculpture of your creation

4.    A written description of your creature

5.    A story in which your monster is the main character

6.    A presentation to the class of # 2-5


The timeline:  You must meet the following deadlines during the completion of your project.

1.    If you plan to work with A partner, you must tell Mrs. Breen by ____________________

2.    Your essential questions form, neatly written is due on


3.    Your labeled diagram, neatly drawn, colored, and titled is due on _____________________

4.    Your 3D sculpture of your monster using your choice of materials is due on ______________________

5.    Your story, in which your monster is the main character is due on _____________________

6.    Presentations will begin on ________________________


The grade: You will be graded heavily on this project in both the second and third marking periods.  Your grade will be based on the following things:

1.    Did you meet the deadlines for #1-6 listed above?

2.    Your work is of the highest quality and creativity.

3.    Your writing is free from errors.

4.    Your story includes excellent description, use of dialogue, and is entertaining!


The Creature from Room M302

Essential Questions Form


Where does your monster live?

What does your monster eat?

Does your monster have a family?

How big is it?

What is your monster's name?

Where did he come from?

What color is it?

What are its different body parts and what are they used for?

What are its special powers?

Who are its enemies?

What is its personality like?

Does it have friends?

Are people afraid of your monster?

Is it nice or mean?

What does it like to do for fun?



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