End of Novel Projects Holes
Holes was read with a seventh grade class primarily in guided reading format.  The following projects were given as choices.  Many different learning styles and intelligences are accounted for in the choices given.

Holes by Louis Sachar



1.  Create a guidebook for new "campers" at Camp Green Lake.  Your book should include rules of the camp and advice from experienced campers.


2.  Create an original book jacket for Holes.  Include artwork for the front and back, a summary for the inside front flap, and information about the author on the inside back flap.  Make sure your book jacket is original, different from the actual cover.


3.  Research a famous outlaw from history.  Present your findings in a written report or on a poster board.  Be sure to include biographical information, crimes committed, and what you find most interesting about the outlaw. 

          William "Billy the Kid" Bonney

          Jesse James

          John Wesley Hardin

          Sam Bass


4.  Choose any one of the characters in Holes.  Write ten journal entries that he or she might have written about experiences that took place during the book.


5.  Write an epilogue that takes place 20 years after the end of the existing story.  Explain briefly what each character is doing at this point in time - inmates and staff of Camp Green Lake.  Be creative about how you reveal this information.


6.  Create a board game based on information from the novel.


7. Research the author, Louis Sachar.  Include biographical information, other books he's written, and comments he's made about Holes.  Would you read another book by Sachar?  Why or why not?


8.  Choose an important or dramatic scene from the novel.  Act it out for the class.  You will need to write a script, and use props and scenery. 


9.  Create a poster-size graphic organizer that displays important information from the novel - plot, characters, setting, and themes.


10.  Create a mural/map showing Green Lake in Katherine Barlow's time and in Stanley Yelnats's time.  Be sure to mark important locations that connect the two.

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