Classroom Discipline Plan
This is a detailed plan that I used for several years at the middle school level.  Not all pages were printed out and sent home for students and parents, but the information was reviewed with students regularly.  I have revised this plan over the years and will continue to do so I'm sure.

Classroom Discipline Plan


1.    Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.    Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.    Use only positive speech. 

4.    Bring all needed materials to school every day, including homework.


1.    Every student will respect himself or herself and others.

2.    Every student will strive for honesty.

3.    Every student will complete assignments and projects.

4.    Every student will do his or her best work.


First time:           Warning

Second time:      Ten-minute time out

Third time:         Behavior Journal Entry

Fourth time:       Contact Parents

Fifth time:          Send to principal

Severe:               Send to principal

Positive Recognition:

1.    Breen Bucks

2.    Verbal praise

3.    Positive notes home

4.    Special privileges

5.    Behavior awards

6.    Class rewards

*If the behavior problem continues, the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) will be called for a conference with the teacher and student.

Please sign and return this portion.

I have read and understand the above Classroom Discipline Plan and will support Mrs. Breen in her efforts to maintain a successful classroom.


_____________________________                        ______________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                    Date



Student Signature


Classroom Routines

 When students enter the classroom in the morning:

1.    Unpack bookbag.  This includes all textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, homework, silent reading book, and any other supplies needed for the day.  This does not include food, candy, gum, or toys of any kind.

2.    Hang up bookbag and coat neatly.

3.    Sharpen pencils.

4.  Be in seat when late bell rings, quiet and ready for announcements.

 Entering class at during the day:

1.    Make sure you have all you need for the class.  Sharpen your pencil if you need to.

2.    Go to your assigned seat quickly.

3.    Read directions or assignment on the board and begin.

4.    Begin work by the time the late bell rings.

5.    If you finish early, take out a book and read silently until time is up.

End of class:

1.    Copy homework assignments into assignment notebook.

2.    Make sure you have all belongings you will need until you return to class.

3.    Listen carefully for announcements, notices home, exit sheets, or rewards.

4.    Wait to be dismissed once the bell rings.

 End of day:

1.  Make sure you have all homework copied and all materials you need to take home.

2.  Wait until you are called to go to the closet. 

1.    Get your bag and return to your seat quickly.

2.    Pack your things.

3.    Once you are finished packing up, do your classroom job.

4.    Wait at your seat to be called or dismissed.


1.    Do not ask to go to the bathroom during a lesson unless it is absolutely an emergency.

2.    At all other times, make sure there are no other boys, or girls, in the bathroom by checking to see if the pass is there.

3.    Quietly walk to the door and take the appropriate pass.

4.    Walk quietly in the hall and keep the bathroom neater than you found it.  Please be sure to use soap when you wash your hands.

5.    Walk quietly back to the classroom and enter quietly.

6.    Return the pass to its location.

7.  Return to your work without disturbing the class or other students.

Fire Drills:

1.    Stay where you are and stop what you are doing.

2.    Be silent.

3.    Wait until you are called to line up.

4.    Walk to the line and remain silent.

5.    Listen carefully and follow all directions.  Remain quiet and in line.

6.    When the class returns to the room, remain silent and listen for directions.

When Mrs. Breen rings the bell on her desk, stop what you are doing, stop talking, and look and listen.

When the PA system comes on, stop, be silent, and listen.

Papers to be handed in must be put into the "IN" tray.  Do not hand them to Mrs. Breen or put them on her desk.  Only hand in assignments that you have been told to hand in or that are collected from you.

Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.

Do not sharpen pencils during a lesson, student, or group presentation.  The best time to sharpen a pencil is in the beginning of the day or during independent work.

If you are absent, see Mrs. Breen at the end of class to get your missed work.  You have the number of school days you were absent to make up  the work.


Breen Bucks  

How to get them:

  1. $1 per assignment handed in on time
  2. $1 per day of no warnings
  3. $1 per day of classroom job completion
  4. Additional money for special acts of kindness, good behavior, helping out teachers and others.

How you lose them:

  1. $1 for each rule broken past a warning
  2. $1 for lateness to class
  3. $1 for supplies - pencils, paper, erasers, etc.
  4. Fines may be imposed for poor behavior at lunch, recess, assemblies, fire drills, etc.

When you get them:

  1. Make sure it has a stamp on the back.
  2. Sign the back of the buck.
  3. Keep it in a safe place until payday.
  4. Lost Breen Bucks cannot be replaced.  Mrs. Breen does not keep track of how many you have.

Other things to remember:

  1. Payday is every Friday, unless there is no school that day.  Then payday will be the last day of the week.
  2. On payday, you will be paid the dollars you have earned for the week and you will pay Mrs. Breen what you owe. 
  3. At the end of each marking period there will be an auction.  Your Breen Bucks will be used to bid on and pay for items being auctioned.
  4. You may save any leftover Breen Bucks for the next marking period, but they are no longer valuable after the last auction of the year.


 Homework Policy:

1.    All homework assignments are to be completed with care.

2.    Assignments that are checked briefly will receive a check mark in the gradebook if they are complete.  Assignments that are partially done will receive a check minus.  Students may change this to a check by finishing the assignment by the next school day and presenting it to the teacher at an appropriate time.  Assignments that are not totally incomplete will receive a minus in the gradebook.  Students may improve this to a check minus by completing the assignment by the next school day and presenting it to the teacher at an appropriate time.

3.    Assignments that are collected will be graded on a ten-point basis.  Each day that the assignment is late, two points will be subtracted from the final grade for that assignment.

4.    Long-term projects will be worth one hundred points.  Ten points will be subtracted from the final project grade for each day the project is late.

*Please note:  For any situations in which the parent feels the student was unable to complete the assignment or project for a special reason, the parent may write a note to the teacher and send it in on the day the assignment or project is due.  The teacher will make the final decision determining points deducted.

5.    When a student misses a school day, he or she is still responsible

for completing that day's assignments.  Whenever possible, the student should contact a classmate to find out what these assignments were.  The student will have the number of days he or she was absent to complete the assignments after he or she returns to school.

Homework will be represented on student report cards!

 Grading Policy:

        All grades will be entered into the gradebook as points.  At the end of the marking period, the points earned and points possible will be turned into a percentage.  This percentage will determine the letter grade earned.  Homeworks briefly checked will influence borderline grades and can help a B+ become an A-, and so on.

        I will implement rubrics and progress reports throughout the marking period to help monitor progress.

Student Supplies

1.    One three-ring binder

2.    Five subject dividers

3.    Pens  (blue or black ink)

4.    Pencils

5.    Loose Leaf/Filler lined paper

Please make sure your child's name is on all his or her belongings.  Please refrain from buying supplies that are part toy.

Please have all supplies in school by Monday, September

 Classroom Jobs

1.    Wash Chalkboard*

2.    Wash Chalkboard*

3.    Clap Erasers*

4.    Check Floor for trash and remind others to pick it up*

5.    Classroom Librarian*

6.    Collect Papers

7.    Pass out papers

8.    Messenger

9.    Fine Keeper*

10. Plants*

11. Supplies assistant

12. Computer Technician

13. Closet Checker

14. Substitute

15. Substitute

*End of day job

September 8, 1999

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

        Hello, and welcome to another school year!  I am excited about having your child in my class.  Together I know that we can make fourth grade successful for your child.  This is a team effort.  I am sure that there are many things you want to know about me and how I plan to manage our classroom.  Please take some time to read through this packet together as a family; it is part of your child's homework tonight.

        The first attached sheet is my classroom discipline plan, which was discussed extensively today.  Please read over it with your child and ask what each part means.  The next sheet is an explanation of the policies that will affect your child's grade.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.  I do plan to include homework assignments and projects that will require parents' help.  You are so important in his or her learning!  The last sheet is a list of supplies that will be needed in our class.  I know that you are very busy, but please have supplies in school by Monday, September 13 at the latest.  I will also be asking for other supplies during the year that will help with a project or experiment.

        Please ensure that your child does not bring toys to school that are of great value or will cause any distraction during the school day.  Playground and recess activities are acceptable, but they must stay in bookbags and out of sight until recess.

        Thank you for your time and cooperation.  Please feel free to contact me at school or at home.  I know that we will have a successful year if we all work together!



                                                                                                Mrs. D. Breen


Guidelines for Cooperative Learning


1.    You must stay in the group to which you were assigned, or chose.


2.    Each person needs to participate for a successful group.


3.    Listen to each other.


4.    Work together, not against each other.  You are a team.


5.    Use an inside voice to help keep the room at a reasonable volume.


6.    Stay on the task that was assigned to you.


7.    If you have a question, try to figure it out on your own first, before you ask the teacher.


8.    Do your best work.  Remember two heads are better than one.


9.    You are not only learning about a subject, you are learning how to work with others - a necessary life skill!


Guidelines for Independent Work


1.    Work quietly.


2.    Stay in your assigned seat or work area.


3.    Keep on task.


4.    Do your best work.


5.    If you have a question, raise your hand and wait patiently for the teacher to come to you.


6.    If she does not see your hand in two minutes, quietly approach her.


7.    If you need to use the bathroom, quietly follow the bathroom routine.


8.    If you need to sharpen your pencil, please do so quietly.


9.    If you finish early, check your work.  After that you may work on another assignment quietly, or read silently.




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