Cheryl Wightman
Cheryl Wightman and I both taught fourth grade at Gardner Road Elementary while I was completing a long-term substitute position.  She later requested that I be her long-term substitute when she needed to take an extended leave.

                                                                                                                                November 9, 2007


To Whom It May Concern:


It is my pleasure to recommend Deborah Breen.  Having teamed with her for a year at fourth grade I enjoyed collaborating with her in various capacities. 


With fifteen years of experience, I have worked with numerous personalities and can state she is a pleasure to have as a colleague.  Flexible, hard working, and caring name a few of the positive traits she possesses.  For example, it was my responsibility to prepare her class for the state science exam, but as time drew near she was willing to assist and review with her homeroom for a portion of the test.  She had her children dissecting flowers, setting aside her own plans for the good of the group.  This was one of many times she was able to rework her schedule. 


In addition Deb stayed late on numerous occassions to prepare special activities for her children.  In language arts she did a wonderful job creating a literature experience they wouldn't soon forget, surrounding pioneers.  Not only did she go beyond the basal, she integrated reading with social studies and created a more relevant and holistic experience for her students.  


Furthermore, and in my opinion most importantly, Deb truly cares about each indivdual in her classroom.  She had her homeroom participate in monthly homework parties, and by doing so tried to foster a sense of responsibility and pride in her students.  From running a game room, to preparing a craft, she was active in planning events and carrying out her part in the celebrations.  Additionally, she mentored a student from her class through the Pal Program.  It was obvious she took his best interest to heart by trying to encourage him and support him outside the classroom walls.  She had an impact on his life.


I would love to team with her again.  Certainly any job she undertakes her professionalism and diligence will shine through daily.  It is wonderful to recommend an educator with children's best interest at heart.   



Cheryl Wightman

Fourth Grade Teacher

Gardner Road School

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